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Helping construction professionals build a better business.

The tech-forward financial team giving you back a work-life balance. 

You put your all into your business, but it often translates to burnout and small margins.

Your business should enable you to do the things you love, not get in the way.

We work with ambitious architects, engineers and contractors, giving them more time and money to spend where it matters.

Streamline your financial processes to free up your time.

Use digital accounting systems to give you visibility over your numbers.

Help you make decisions that prioritize profit.

Take the burden of financial admin off your plate.

Make your business work for you, not the other way around.

Your business can unlock the things you want from life. It's our job to make that happen.

We will:


Our three levels of financial support cover businesses at every stage:


REACH IN: Startup-$1m

Learn how to harness your financial data to make profit-led decisions.

We train your business on digital

accounting software (Xero). 


Gain clarity over your numbers and

use them to make profitable decisions.


Use HubDoc to capture transactions

more quickly, freeing up hours of your time.


Learn how to interpret financial reports so

you can harness their data to drive growth.



REACH OUT: $1m+, >5 employees

Full financial controller services, total peace of mind you’re CRA-compliant.


All of your bookkeeping and payroll are managed by our team.


We take all tax filing off your plate, including GST/HST returns.


We help you figure out and implement the best systems to scale your business.

We handle your financial admin and compliance, so you have more time to spend where it matters.



REACH UP: $5m+, 5+ employees

It’s all about the strategy. We look at your business from the top down to drive serious, goal-focused growth.

Full outsourced CFO services.


Monthly or quarterly management reports.


A team of financial experts in your corner, applying years of insight and experience to move your business forward.


A sounding board to help you make educated strategic decisions.

Learn how we help your business:

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Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
"Working with Fabien and his team as our virtual comptroller has been of tremendous value to our business.  It lets us focus on the things we do best - quality coaching that transforms peoples lives, while his team takes care of the daily bookkeeping, and year end accounting.  They've also provided immense value with their suggestions and advice around business operations, budgeting, and tax planning.  They take the stress out of running a business."

Get more out of your business.

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