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Simplify Your Life (and Business)

With every cloud-based software program you use to help fast-track your business, you require a unique log-in and password. Setting strong passwords can be cumbersome and it is tempting to set easy passwords that you use to access multiple online accounts. At some point we have all created a password that is a combination of our children’s or pet’s names and a memorable number, such as our birth year. We have also likely written these passwords down on a sticky note and taped them under our desks! While memorizing only a few passwords can save you mental space, it also puts you, and your business, at risk of a privacy breach.

What is LastPass?

Enter LastPass: an award-winning cloud password manager that is the best auto-pilot for your password storage. Here are some of the key features of LastPass:

  • storage for all of your different passwords;

  • auto-fill feature that automates password entering and form filling;

  • built-in password generator that creates randomized passwords at various lengths;

  • allows you to share sites and log-in information securely with your team members. You no longer have to share sensitive information through email or text.

Take Your Passwords Everywhere

All of your passwords are stored in your LastPass vault and this information is protected by one master password. Your vault is where you can add, view and manage items that you have saved to your LastPass.

LastPass makes it easy for you to securely access your vault across multiple platforms. They have an extension that you can add to the majority of web browsers. Once you log-in to the extension with your master password, LastPass will auto-fill the relevant password when you visit a particular website. Mobile applications are available for Android, Apple and Windows users that allows you to sync your passwords across devices.

How secure is LastPass?

LastPass encrypts your data with 256-bit encryption, which provides a similar level of security used by most online banking providers. What this means is that your master password is the encryption key and LastPass actually cannot provide you with a "reset my password". If you lose your Master Password, you lose it all.

If you would like an additional level of security, you can set up multifactor authentication for your vault. LastPass utilizes two-factor authentication, which requires both your master password and a generated piece of data, in order to gain access to your vault. There are a number of free mobile applications that support two-factor authentication, such as LastPass Authenticator and Google Authenticator.

Choosing the Right Plan for Your Business

A basic LastPass account for individuals is free to set up and use. Businesses can choose between a $2.50/user/month and $4/user/month plan depending on the size of the team and features that suit the business. To learn more about LastPass and how to set up a free trial, visit the LastPass website here.

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