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Xero Shortcuts to Turn You Into a Timesaving Superuser

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

When you see someone right-click to copy and paste something while using a computer does your brain scream "CTRL+C, CTRL+V!?" If so, you’re a superuser, and that’s awesome.

Utilizing keyboard shortcuts can save you so much time in the long run. Most people know the basic shortcuts (if you don't, fear not, there is a list further down the post), but did you know that you can utilize keyboard shortcuts when using cloud-based accounting software, Xero? Well, my time-saving friend, allow us to rock your bookkeeping world.

Xero Keyboard shortcuts

While on any screen in Xero (except for Reports, Payroll, Expenses or Fixed Assets) simply type the forward slash (/) key followed by the letter that corresponds to what you want to access and hit enter. This will jump you to the desired screen.

WorkFlowMax users - backslash will open the global search bar as well.

Open a screen in a new tab

If you want to open a window in a new tab, the traditional way is to hover over the link, right-click and select open in a new tab. The Superuser way is to simply click the link with the scroll button on your mouse.


You're creating an invoice in Xero, and want to go back to the dashboard without closing the page you're on. Simply hover your mouse over the dashboard and click the scroll button. Voila, the dashboard opens, and you don't lose your work.

Other well-known (and not so well-known) shortcuts to up productivity.

Superusers understand that every time you take your hands away from your keyboard you are wasting precious time. There are lots of ways to navigate multiple tabs or speed up your data entry without having to touch that pesky mouse. Here are a few shortcuts you can teach yourself to utilize and up your productivity:

Multiple tab navigation:
  • Ctrl + 9 - jump to the tab to the left of your current tab.

  • Ctrl + Tab - jump to the tab to the right of your current tab

  • Ctrl + (number otabsab) - jump to a specific tab

  • Ctrl + T - open a new tab

  • Ctrl + W - close the current tab

  • Ctrl + N - open a new window

  • F5 - refresh screen (don't forget the Fn button if you're on a laptop)

Data entry like a boss:
  • Ctrl + A - Select all

  • Ctrl + C - Copy

  • Ctrl + V - Paste

  • Ctrl + Backspace - delete an entire word

  • Ctrl + S - Save

  • Ctrl + Home - Jump to the beginning of a document

  • Ctrl + End - Jump to the end of the document

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