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Why the Rebrand?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Things are going to look a little different around here.

For the past few months, we’ve been working hard on defining who we are, what we stand for, and who we serve here at Duncan & Company. With that in mind, we’d like to reintroduce ourselves:

Hi, we’re Reach CPA

Whether you’ve been a customer with us for years or are only finding us now, you’re probably wondering why we’ve decided to undergo a rebrand. We’re the same team, under the same management, providing the same high quality service we’ve always prided ourselves on. But our old branding didn’t communicate that.

It was time for a change

When we created our old brand over twenty years ago, and our old website two years ago, we were happy with them. However, as our firm became more developed and skilled, these stayed where they were. They no longer reflected who we were, what we did, or what made us, and the clients we serve, so special.

The first thing we wanted to change was our name. Duncan & Company made us sound like every other CPA, when really the support we provide is completely unique. Our name is the first thing people learn about us, and so it should encapsulate who we are.

With that in mind, we asked for your help. We asked many of you what you thought of us and what you loved about working with us. Again and again, the same thing was said:

“We love how reachable you are.”

You love that we aren’t just accountants but members of your team, and the support system you can reach out to whenever you need.

We took that idea — of being reachable — and through the magic of branding we turned it into our new name: Reach CPA.

We wanted our brand to represent us

The purpose of a brand is that it speaks for your business when you’re not in the room to do so. With that in mind, the next step in rebranding ourselves was clearly defining what we wanted to say. How do we want you, our clients, to feel when you’re working with us?

A lot of different traits came up as we worked this out: positive, open, human, modern, creative, motivational, empathetic. We used all of them to create our new logo:

The type of our logo is 100% unique. The letters are lowercase, rounded, open, and extended to communicate the modern and welcoming way we do business, while the thick type shows that we’re bold with what we do and have a real presence in your life as a business owner.

The triangular word mark is also bespoke, and it has a lot of meaning behind it. The three lines represent the journey we take our clients on: Reach In, Reach Out, and Reach Up. The violet purple and sunshine yellow show off our positivity and creativity while the blue, a bright cyan, represents the calmness and coolness of mind you get when you work with us.

But our logo and branding doesn’t just embody who we are. It also embodies our clients.

We wanted our brand to represent you

Our “why” here at Reach — the whole reason we do business, our raison d'être — is helping our clients find success. We work with small business owners especially within the professional services, restaurant, and construction industries and those three niches are represented by the triangular word mark in our logo.

Through our rebranding, we also discovered that we’re bonded to our clients by the values we share. When you sign on to do business with us, you’re signing on to work with a partner that cherishes the same things you do. The way we live our lives and do business is governed by our values, and we wanted those to be represented in our branding.

Our three core values are:

Family - Our work supports our family, not the other way around. We put our loved ones first and we help you do the same.

Candor - We don’t beat around the bush. Through the ups and downs, we believe in being completely honest with you and getting complete honesty in return.

Generosity - We are generous with our time and knowledge, and share it willingly and happily. We want you to reach out whenever you need a sounding board. We also believe in being generous with our communities and supporting you to do the same.

We’ve made a commitment to live out these values every single day. This rebrand helped us identify the things that you as our client hold most dearly, and helped us strengthen our resolve to support and protect those things in your life. These values won’t just be evident in the images and words we use across our (upcoming) new website: you’ll find them in every interaction you have with us. And that’s something we’re really proud of.

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